AFDA head: Sisi’s visit to Algiers had ‘profound impact’

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Head of the Association for Diplomatic Spouses in Algiers (AFDA) Elham Abu Ayesh said that President Abdel Fattah El Sisi’s making of his first foreign trip visit to Algeria had a “profound impact” on ties between the two countries.

In statements to MENA on Thursday on the sidelines of a ceremony to honor Algerian Freedom Fighter Djamila Bouhired in Aswan, Abu Ayesh described as “distinguished” Egyptian-Algerian ties following the June 30 Revolution in 2013.

Algerian people never forget Egypt’s support for Algeria’s revolution against the French occupation in 1954, said Abu Ayesh, the spouse of the Egyptian ambassador in Algiers.

Also, Egyptians never forget the Algerian people’s support for Egypt after the June 30 Revolution, she stressed.

She further noted that she organized a visit for 25 diplomatic spouses in Algiers to Egypt, saying the visit will include must-see tourist attractions in Luxor and Aswan.

The visit aims at getting them acquainted with the Egyptian civilization, promoting tourism and bringing closer Arab and foreign diplomats, she said.

The Association for Diplomatic Spouses in Algiers organizes three main activities each year; an international food day in March, a tourist trip of Luxor and Aswan in February and the annual International Bazaar, she said.

Revenues from the bazaar, which is a charity event, are channeled to fund civil society organizations operating in the humanitarian fields, including maternal and child healthcare, persons with special abilities and cancer patients, she noted.

She extolled Egypt’s honor of Algerian revolution icon Djamila Bouhired, urging youth to follow in her footsteps, particularly in light of the current conditions in the Arab region and the celebration of the International Women’s Day.

Algerian Freedom Fighter Djamila Bouhired is currently visiting Aswan to participate as a guest of honor in the 2nd Edition of the Aswan International Women’s Film Festival.

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