Al-Jubeir: Iran is source of biggest conflicts in region

Source : ET


“Iran is the main source of the biggest conflicts in the region as a result of its behavior and interference in internal affairs of countries such as Lebanon, Iraq, Syria and Bahrain,” said Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir during talks with his Belgian counterpart Didier Reynders in a press conference on Wednesday.

“Iran has to decide if it is a state or a revolution; so if it is a revolution, we can handle with it, and if it is a state, it has to adhere to the international laws, respect the principle of good neighborliness and stop interfering in countries’ internal affairs and supporting terrorism,” Al-Jubier added.

The foreign minister of Saudi Arabia sent a clear message to Iran that its behavior is unacceptable.

He also referred to the Iranian nuclear agreement, stressing that it needs to improve, especially with regard to the maximum limits for uranium enrichment.

The Belgian foreign minister said that Belgium searches for a way to deal with Iran and its ballistic missile program and its regional impact.

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