Army secures essential products for civilians: North Sinai’s governorate

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CAIRO,  24 April 2018  —  North Sinai’s governor Abdel Fatah Harhoor said that the Armed forces is in a continuous coordination with the government to secure the presence of food products, medicine supplies and petroleum products for civilians.

North Sinai’s governorate added during a phone call with the TV host Khairy Ramadan Monday that the army has previously planned to provide all the needed products during the ongoing battle against terrorist militias in Sinai.

Egyptian Military spokesperson, Tamer Refaei, denounced a Human Rights Watch’s report alleging that Sinai Peninsula is lacking essential food products and medicine supplies because of an ongoing military campaign against terrorist insurgency there.

The military spokesperson Refaei said in a statement published by his official Face book account Monday that the HRW report came unlike reality and based on unreliable sources.

The military spokesperson added that the Army provides food, medicine and essential products to civilians in North Sinai. Refaei said that the armed forces coordinate with the government apparatuses to be well prepared for any emergencies.

“The Armed forces secure the arrival of trucks filled with fresh food and dairy products to distribute them later to the local residents,” added Refaei.

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