Authorities Track Down Crocodiles in Upper Egypt’s Canals

A Siamese crocodile roams at a wildelife-rescue center in the village of Phnom Tamao south of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Heng Sinith


Residents of a small village in Sohag governorate, 500 km south of Cairo, have been terrified after seeing crocodiles swimming in water canals near their homes.

The Security Directorate of Sohag announced Tuesday that it had received an official report from a resident in the Akhmim center, saying he saw “two crocodiles standing in front of a canal passing near his house.”

He called on security services to take the necessary measures to help him and the village residents.

According to an official statement, the water police and security officials surveyed the area. Dense river grass prevented a clear detection, which called for a specialized department to protect the Nile in the province and to ensure safety of the area.

The Egyptian prosecution is investigating the incident. By Tuesday, local authorities had not announced catching any crocodiles.

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