Cairo court resumes hearing for witnesses of ‘Helwan Cell’ trial

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Cairo Criminal Court held on Tuesday a hearing session for witnesses in the “Helwan Cell” lawsuit, four days before another trial session. The lawsuit comprises 32 defendants, accused of committing 19 crimes.

The trial started on January 12, 2017, and extended over 13 sessions; of which three and eight were for examining real evidence and listening to witnesses, respectively.

The arraignment included the assassination of a policeman at the Road Policing Unit of Asyut-Cairo, four policemen at Manwat village in Giza governorate, an officer and seven policemen at Helwan Police Department, the Chief of El Monib Road Policing Unit Brigadier Ali Fahmy and a policeman by setting his car on fire, policeman Ahmed Fawy at Marazik security ambush in Giza governorate, as well as carrying out an armed robbery in May Post Office and terror attacks in El Monib neighborhood.

The terrorist cell was formed in 2014 by deceased former police major Mohamed Salama who was working at the National Security Sector at the Ministry of Interior.

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