Vietnamese President Quang dead at 61

September 22, 2018 cairoherald 0

  He passed away from a “serious illness despite devoted treatment by professors and doctors” both in Vietnam and abroad, the official Vietnam News Agency said. In office as president since April 2016 after more than four decades at […]


Egypt warns of ‘free visa’ scams

September 14, 2018 cairoherald 0

  The Foreign Ministry has warned citizens not to deal with individuals or offices of apprenticeship abroad that offer any so-called “free visa”, which would allegedly allow its holder to work at any body or […]


Sri Lanka to ban Hindu animal sacrifice

September 13, 2018 cairoherald 0

  A government spokesman told the BBC the move was proposed by the Hindu Religious Affairs ministry, and said most moderate Hindu groups support it. Some Hindus sacrifice goats, buffalo calves and chickens at temples […]