Dressed for cycling, Sisi sends message of peace from Sinai

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Cairo – 6 November 2018: President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi appeared praising the Sinai Peninsula, which had witnessed numerous terror attacks, before Sisi ordered launching a comprehensive military offensive to eliminate terrorism in different parts of the country, especially North and Central Sinai.

“The land of Sinai we are talking about, which they were trying to make a land of evil. We said it can never be but the land of peace and the land of love,” Sisi stated on Tuesday, on the sidelines of the 2018 World Youth Forum held on South Sinai’s Sharm el-Sheikh city.

Sisi participates with youth in WYF’s ‘peace’ bike marathon – Press photo

Sisi participates with youth in WYF’s ‘peace’ bike marathon – Press photo

Sisi participated on Tuesday morning in “al-Salam” (peace) bike marathon, with the youth attending the World Youth Forum. The second edition of the World Youth Forum is set to be concluded on Tuesday, Nov. 6.

During the day, President Sisi expressed appreciation to the youth participating in the WYF and those around the globe, in a message circulated by the Presidency spokesman’s Facebook page.

“In the name of all the Egyptian people, I appeal to all the young people who are with us, and even the youth of the whole world, with thanks and appreciation and love,” Sisi stated. “Long live the peace. Long live the love. Long live the stability. Long live the youth of the world,” he added.

The WYF kicked off with the participation of around 5,000 young people of 163 nationalities. It also hosted numerous renowned figures, leaders and intellectuals from around the world.

Cycling has been apparently the president’s favorite sport over years. He biked through the streets of Sharm el-Sheikh early Thursday after he arrived in the city from a state visit to Germany.

In 2017, former Cairo governor Atef Abdel Hamid said that more start to opt for bicycles as an alternative to driving, especially after President Sisi had pushed for an initiative calling on Egyptians to ride bicycles.

Sisi participates with youth in WYF’s ‘peace’ bike marathon – Press photo

In June 2014, President Sisi asked the Egyptians to cycle and walk more as fuel subsidies cost the country tens of billions of dollars annually. Fuel prices have increased several times since then; in July 2014, in 2016, and in June 2018.

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