Egyptian army arrest extremist suspects in central, northern Sinai: Military

Source : egyptdailynews


Egypt’s army  have arrested a number of extremist suspects and destroyed hideouts used by militants in the Sinai Peninsula border area, the military said in statements on Friday. A large number of people suspected of aiding extremists have been arrested in North Sinai by the army’s second field forces over the past few days.

Eight other suspects were been arrested in central Sinai, the army said in a separate statement. The operations by the army’s second and third field forces, aided by air units, have also destroyed a number hideouts, 4×4 vehicles and motorbikes used by the extremists in the central and northern region.

Terrorist attacks in central Sinai are less frequent than in volatile North Sinai, where extremists have been targeting military and police checkpoints. The army has killed hundreds of militants in operations while battling Islamist militancy in the border region in the past few years.

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