Egyptian authorities deny closing Rafah Border Crossing

A Palestinian boy waits with his family for a travel permit to cross into Egypt through the Rafah border crossing after it was opened by Egyptian authorities for humanitarian cases, in the southern Gaza Strip


Egyptian authorities denied on Tuesday the circulating news about closing Rafah Border Crossing between Gaza and Sinai.

The authorities assured that the crossing is still opened to allow the passage of humanitarian and stranded cases in both directions. A technical error in the communication network at the border is being fixed, officials stressed.

As per President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi’s directives, the Rafah Border Crossing between Gaza and Sinai reopened on July 2, after being temporarily closed for three days starting Friday, June 29.

On June 21, the crossing was announced to be operating “until further notice”. A Rafah Border Crossing official said that the crossing will stay open until Eid Al-Adha, one of the most important religious feasts, which will start this year on August 21, according to Egyptian media reports, adding that the crossing is being prepared to open permanently.

Palestinian Ambassador in Cairo, Diab al-Louh, expressed his gratitude for President Sisi and Egyptian authorities for the decision, reiterating that the Egyptian leadership’s decision to ease the burdens of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip comes within the framework of Egypt’s continuous efforts to back the Palestinian people.

President Sisi issued directives in May to take the necessary measures to keep the Rafah Border Crossing open throughout the holy month of Ramadan that ended on June 14.

“I issued directives to take the necessary measures to keep the Rafah Border Crossing open throughout the holy month of Ramadan in a bid to relieve some of the burdens suffered by our brothers in the Gaza strip,” the Egyptian leader posted on Facebook and Twitter.

The Rafah crossing is mainly specialized for individual movements across borders, and was being prepared for the transfer of goods between the two countries.

The Egyptian government usually opens the crossing for humanitarian cases and the transfer of food and humanitarian aid to Gaza Strip.

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