Egypt’s interior ministry allows 21 citizens to acquire foreign nationalities, relinquish Egyptian nationality

Egypt's Ministry of Interior


Egypt’s interior ministry has approved 21 Egyptian nationals’ requests to acquire alternative nationalities and relinquish their Egyptian citizenship.

The decision was published in Egypt’s official gazette on Monday, and came upon request of the citizens in accordance with Law 26 of 1975, which concerns Egyptian nationality.

Among the 21 were Egyptians acquiring citizenship in Germany, Ukraine, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Austria.

The decision didn’t specify the new nationalities of the other 14 people.

Article 10 of the nationality law stipulates an Egyptian may not acquire a foreign nationality except after obtaining permission issued by decree of the minister of interior; otherwise he shall continue to be regarded in all cases as Egyptian.

According to the law, an Egyptian who acquires a foreign nationality should forfeit his Egyptian nationality.

However, he may be allowed permission to acquire foreign nationality while retaining Egyptian citizenship for himself, his wife and his minor children.


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