European parliament: Human rights in Egypt furthering

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“The European Parliament told us that the human rights status in Egypt is moving forward,” Parliament Member and Head of Parliament Foreign Relations Committee Tarek Radwan stated to Egypt Today during an interview Wednesday.

Radwan spoke about the Egyptian Parliament’s delegation’s visit to the European Parliament and what it entailed of discussions.

Further on the matter of foreign relations, Radwan also affirmed that Trump’s threats regarding suspending U.S. aid will not deter Egypt from fighting for the Palestinian cause.

“We asked the European Parliament to support Egypt’s counter-terrorism efforts,” Radwan stated.

Below is the complete transcript of the interview.

How was the Egyptian Parliament delegation’s visit to the European Parliament?

It was a success. Our main goal was correcting wrong ideas about Egypt, and we chose the right time: Human Rights Day. We wanted to emphasize that human rights in Egypt are moving forward. We responded to comments about this and tried to provide the best answers possible to correct wrong ideas they had about Egypt.

What are the most important issues about Egypt that you discussed with the European Parliament?

We provided the Parliament with a file including the most important economic and social laws that have been passed. We provided another about the war against terrorism and challenges facing Egypt in this regard, as well as illegal immigration and the economic progress happening in Egypt now.

What about the Jerusalem decision?

I would like to emphasize that Egypt and the European Parliament totally agree on the Jerusalem issue. We held meetings with lobbies against the American Jerusalem decision and political parties in the Parliament. We gained 14 out of 15 votes pro the Jerusalem cause, and this required huge efforts in favor of it. Egypt’s powerful and honorable presence in the Security Council happened thanks to prior parliamentary coordination with Egyptian decision makers. Executive and parliamentary stakeholders had a role in Egypt’s position on the Jerusalem decision in the Security Council and the UN.

Does that mean there was full coordination between the Parliament and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs when it came to the Palestinian cause and other foreign issues?

Absolutely, we were coordinating at the highest level. Before traveling to Strasbourg, we met Egypt’s Ambassador to France Ehab Badawi, and discussed many issues. We were interested in coordination and clarifying our ideas. Coordination between the Parliament and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is crucial, and we complement one another. It is necessary and we keep it fully going.

What do you think about Egypt’s role toward the Palestinian cause?

Egypt is working diligently for the Palestinian cause, as it always has. Egypt gave a lot to this cause and continues to, hoping for stability in Palestine. Egyptians lost many martyrs for this cause, and it will not back down, even if others try to put it under pressure to. Egypt will remain the greatest supporter of Palestine and all other Arab countries.

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