Fatah to Deliver ‘Observations’ on Recent Egyptian-Sponsored Reconciliation Proposal

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas waves in Ramallah, in the occupied West Bank


Fatah is preparing a “comprehensive paper” containing its vision for Palestinian reconciliation and will present it to Egypt in the coming week, Fatah sources told Asharq Al-Awsat.

The vision comes in response to the latest Egyptian proposals.

Fatah, which views Egypt as a sponsor state for Palestinian on reconciliation, “is dealing with the Egyptian role in great interest and appreciation, but has observations for a recently made Egyptian proposal,” sources confirmed

Sources added that observations will be discussed with Egyptian officials. A Fatah delegation headed by Azzam al-Ahmad, a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council representing the Jenin Governorate, is expected to arrive in Egypt within two days for presenting a response letter on proposals made and further clarify Fatah’s viewpoint on reconciliation.

Ahmad said he would visit Cairo to deliver the final Fatah vision on Egyptian proposals on discussions with Hamas, adding “if the agreement will be a bilateral meeting between the two movements.”

Hamas formally approved the Egyptian paper on Palestinian reconciliation, but Fatah declined to comment.

One of Fatah’s vital conditions is that the Gaza Strip falls completely under Palestinian Authority administrative control.

The new Egyptian proposal is based on the recent reconciliation agreement, but with changes based on an agreement to form a new unity government to manage the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
It covers working to hold new general elections, and agreeing on a clear framework to eradicating the Hamas self-implemented tariff programs.

The paper also calls for a halt to any measures against the Gaza Strip and employing Hamas’ civilian wing cadres –about 20,000– after the PA cabinet takes over public regulation in Gaza.

Salaries will be disbursed for all public sector employees in Gaza and that PA will allocate operational budgets for ministries and government institutions’ work in the strip.

But the proposals did not include clear solution to other issues pertaining to security services, the fate of Hamas paramilitary forces, the strip’s court system and arms regulations.

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