Get lost inside Oyun Musa

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Guaranteed, one trip to Oyun Musa and you will feel better.

Oyun Musa is one of Egypt’s hot springs; renowned for the therapeutic effects of its water, the destination has made Sinai popular for therapeutic tourism.

Located 250 kilometers from Cairo and stretching one kilometer along the Gulf of Suez, the location of Oyun Musa is blessed with a dry climate and golden sands.

Oyun Musa boasts the world’s highest sulfur rates, and with temperatures reaching up to 27 degrees Celsius, the water helps treat many diseases such as those of the kidneys and skin.

Oyun Musa’s water flows from a high mountain into a natural lake 100 meters in depth, situated beside the coast. Comprising a site for spiritual peace and comfort, Oyun Musa is a group of hot springs, some sweet and some bitter, which form a small fertile oasis.

The story of the springs tells that Moses met his future wife, Zipporah, after protecting her and her sisters from an aggressive group of local shepherds. According to the monks, these springs never dry up, and it is the monastery’s main source of water.

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