Human Rights Day: Egypt asserts upholding human rights values

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that human rights are a major concern for Egypt, who is committed to the freedom and prosperity of its people, and believes that human rights are the main pillar for coexisting, dignity, equality and peace among all nations.

The Egyptian foreign minister pointed out in a statement on Saturday, that Egypt is celebrating World Human Rights Day which coincidences with the 69th anniversary of the proclamation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on December 10, 1948.

Egypt played a vital role in drafting the universal declaration of human rights, and other related international and regional treaties, adding to its continuous contributions in enhancing international human rights law, the statement added.

Egypt’s membership in the UN Human Rights Council and its position as the Council’s Vice-Chairman speaks to the rising appreciation of its regional and global prominence and are an assertion of its role and efforts within the Council and across the various international forums concerned with human rights.

The statement added, “This occasion also represents an important opportunity to put more attention on the destructive effects of terrorism on the enjoyment of human rights in all their political, civil, social, and cultural forms.”

These destructive effects include hindering development, destroying infrastructure, damaging tourism, negatively affecting investment flows, and hampering economic growth. This meaning was recently agreed upon by the majority of UN member states. It emphasizes the state’s responsibility and duty to protect all individuals in its territories from the mounting terror threat.

The UN General Assembly adopted the Universal Human Rights Declaration, on December 10, 1948. Such a declaration, which encloses the principles of human rights and fundamental freedoms, is – up until now- considered the principal reference for all human rights.

The principal human rights agreements, such as the two International Covenants on Civil and Political Rights and Economic, Social and Cultural Rights were an offshoot of the Universal Declaration. Moreover, the Conventions on Combating Torture; Elimination of Racial Discrimination, and Discrimination Against Women; Agreements on the Rights of Children, Labourers, Emigrants and Disabled stemmed from this declaration as well.

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