In pics: Egyptian expats sign “To Build It” petition

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Egyptian expatriates in France signed petitions for the “Alashan Tbneeha” (To Build It) campaign, expressing their support for President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi in the upcoming presidential race in 2018.

Parliament Member Mahmoud Hussien, head of the campaign’s foreign sector, is currently on a tour in Europe. His first destination was France, where he met with Egyptian community members in Paris on Monday.

The tour includes France, Switzerland, Denmark and Sweden, aiming mainly to demonstrate the campaign’s goal and the Egyptian president’s achievements despite the numerous challenges that have been facing the country.

Hussein listened to the Egyptian expats’ demands, aspirations and ideas that they could implement, such as the medical insurance proposal, the problem of transferring corpses and the difficulty of carrying out money transactions via Bank Misr.

After the three-hour discussion, they signed the supportive petition, revealing their absolute support for President Sisi for a second term.

President Sisi is the sixth president of Egypt. He came to office in June 2014 after the June 30 Revolution that toppled former President Mohamed Morsi, who is affiliated with the now-banned Muslim Brotherhood (MB).

During Sisi’s sixth visit to France last October, hundreds of Egyptian expats from Sweden, Belgium, Germany and other European countries gathered at Invalides Square, Paris to welcome Sisi while he was entering the Military Museum, showing their support for the regime that stands against terrorism and economic challenges.

The Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS) announced that 9.5 million Egyptians live outside the country, only 1.2 million of which live in Europe.

According to a CAPMAS statement released last October, Italy ranks as the top European destination for Egyptian expat labor at 560,000, while 365,000 Egyptians work in France, 77,000 in Germany, 62,000 in England, 45,000 in the Netherlands, 2,000 in Poland, 80 in Azerbaijan and 15 in Uzbekistan.

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