Iowa National Guard members return from Middle East

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Nearly 400 Iowa National Guard members were deployed to the Middle East last year. All across the state Friday, there will be ceremonies to welcome them home.

In our area more than 100 soldiers from Davenport and Muscatine deployed to the Middle East. Many of them were stationed in Kuwait, their mission was to provide aviation maintenance and logistical support to a combat aviation unit. The Iowa National Guard says the nearly 400 soldiers deployed was the largest single-unit deployment since 2010. As they come home, many will return to their regular jobs and they will attend training as assigned.

“You are in a different place for a year and you try to come back home and get back to normal routine,” says Sergeant Grant Stroyan, who was deployed to the Middle East. “So it takes a little bit of getting used to again, but it’s definitely great to be back home,”

‘It’s something that feels important. I’ve always wanted to serve my country and being able to deploy has definitely brought out some experience that I have always wanted to do,” said sergeant Kayte Wright, who was deployed to the Middle East.

“You see things over there environment wise that affect the helicopter differently,” said Seregant Chandler Baty, who deployed to the Middle East. “So it’s a really good experience to be able to bring back to the unit and be able to teach some of the younger guys what you see and what to expect,”

The ceremony here in Davenport will be at 1 p.m. There are also other ceremonies taking place in Muscatine, Waterloo, and Boone

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