Israel: Middle East axis of evil backs terrorism in Syria

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When Irish novelist Oscar Wilde wrote, “always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much,” he never thought that Egypt’s late President Anwar al-Sadat would follow his advice and pay a historic visit to Israel’s parliament, the Knesset, in 1977.

Tel Aviv has been financing and backing terrorist groups in the Middle East region, causing turmoil and disorder in its neighboring countries. Israel has been insisting on being forever an enemy to Arab, Islamic and Mideast countries.

Israel has funded rebels and terrorist groups fighting against Syrian regular forces in the Golan Heights and in other sites, only to secure its territory and border indirectly.

Israeli relations with Syrian militants

Following the downing of the Israeli F-16 jet by Syrian fire, Israeli media outlets revealed “suspicious ties” between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and various armed terrorist groups inside Syria, most notably the Free Syrian Army.

Well-known Israeli blogger Elizabeth Tsurkov revealed Israel’s deep ties with Syrian rebels in his article entitled “ISRAEL’S DEEPENING INVOLVEMENT WITH SYRIA’S REBELS” on War on the Rocks website on February 14, disclosing that Israel had increased the volume of aid it has been offering to militants in Syria upon verified statements from Syrian fighters.

Tsurkov stated that seven Sunni organizations, affiliated to armed opposition factions in the occupied Golan Heights, have received ammunition and funds needed to buy military equipment from Israel.

“Israel intends to increase support to Syrian rebels and intervene in Syrian domestic affairs…This matter shall cause a gap among the Syrian militant groups, as Israel has been deceiving them, seeking to overthrow the Syrian regime in favor of them,” Tsurkov added.

Israel has recently begun helping them by launching drone strikes and anti-tank missiles at Islamic State positions during these battles, according to Tsurkov.

Israeli writer Amos Harel revealed that the Israeli government has changed its policies and had decided to back Syrian rebels in the Golan Heights in an attempt to push Iran away from the Syrian-Israeli border.

Israel aims to increase airstrikes in Syria on one side and fund Syrian militants on the other side, stressed Harel in his report, entitled “To Push Iran Back, Israel Ramps Up Support for Syrian Rebels, Arming 7 Different Groups”, in Haaretz newspaper on February 20.

“Last summer, Israel admitted for the first time that it provides civilian aid to villages in the Syrian Golan Heights, but declined to confirm claims that it also provides military aid,” Harel added. “At the same time, Israel has also increased its civilian aid to villages controlled by the rebels, including supplying medicine, food and clothing.”

Israeli aggression of Syrian airspace

On February 10, eight Israeli fighter jets attacked sites inside Syria. The Israeli F-16 jets targeted twelve targets. Syrian state news agency SANA reported one Israeli aircraft was shot by Syria’s defense systems.

“The Syrian system has already hit several missiles and an Israeli aircraft carrying out attacks south of the capital of Damascus, west of the capital and on the outskirts of Homs,” a military source told Lebanese news site Elnashra.

Downing an Israeli fighter jet by Syrian fire marks one of the rarest and most serious escalations in the region. “The downing of the fighter jet was a clear warning to Israel,” the Iranian National Security Council’s spokesperson told Doha-based Al-Jazeera network following the Israeli jet crash.

Such “terrorist action by Israel would be met with a severe and serious response,” announced the military alliance fighting in support of the Syrian regime in a statement following the downing of the jet.

The Israeli air force has targeted Syrian military sites on an almost regular basis, on allegations that they are affiliated to Iranian and Hezbollah militias.

According to the Israeli Defense Forces Spokesperson’s Unit, Israeli F-16 fighter jets attacked Iranian sites inside Syria. They all returned safely to Israel except one, which crashed due to Syrian anti-craft fire.

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