Lebanese Singer Hiba Tawaji released a new Christmas album

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Celebrating Christmas season, prominent Lebanese singer Hiba Tawaji has released a new Christmas song album entitled “Hallelujah,” few days ago.

The album “Hallelujah” contains 12 tracks, including new songs such as “Ya Sayyidi Yassouh” (My Lord Jesus).

Influenced by Fayrouz’s Christmas songs, Tawaji covered two viral Christmas songs: “Silent Night” and “Jingle Bells;” she also performed Fayrouz’s Arabic Christmas song versions of “Sawt El Eid” and “Laylat El Eid.”

Born in 1987, Tawaji started her career as a professional singer in 2008 after releasing her first song “Mitl El Reeh” (Like Winds). Written by Mansour El Rahbani, “Mitl El Reeh” was composed for “The Return of Phoenix” play.

She released four albums: “Don Quixote” (2011), “La Bedaya, Wala Nehaya” (No Start, No End) (2012), “Heba Tawaji 30” (2017) and, finally, “Hallelujah” in December 2017.

Tawaji performed songs in Arabic, English and French and she also participated in directing a number of short films like “El Habl” (The Rope) in 2013.

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