Meet heroes who came to rescue Helwan victims

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Salah Megahed, the citizen who stepped in to attack the terrorist that attempted to blow up the church of Martyr Mina on Friday in southern Cairo’s district of Helwan, spoke out about the details of the incident.

Megahed said during his phone-in on Extra news TV, “The terrorist was walking down the street and randomly firing shots into the air to scare people away. I came from behind, tossed him down, snatched his gun to unload it and punched his head with it while he kept saying you are not getting facts right.”

“My sole concern was to protect innocent people who probably would have got harmed.”
Megahed, who had previously served in the armed forces, called on citizens to quickly inform security authorities about any suspicious activities or terrorists so that they could deal with them immediately.

“I was prepping for the Friday prayers in the mosque and then one of the worshippers came up and told me that some terrorists carrying automatic rifles are walking towards the church. I proceeded to call on people through the microphone to go out and to defend their brothers,” said Sheikh Taha, Imam of the mosque located next to the church.

“All people responded to my call and came out in droves.” the 24-year-old Sheikh added.

The church attack took place on Friday morning when two armed men used firearms to target dozens of Christian worshippers attending a religious service, according to a statement by the Ministry of Interior.

According to the statement, attackers opened fire at a household appliances shop, then headed to the church, where they attempted to trespass the church’s perimeter security.

The security forces were able to capture one of the attackers after shooting him, managed to defuse an explosive belt that was fasten around the militant’s chest, while the other one fled the scene, the Ministry said.

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