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After the National Elections Authority’s announcement of the preliminary slate of the presidential candidates, different organizations came out in support of Al-Ghad’s Moussa Mostafa.

While President al-Sisi has most of the support of local organizations and political parties, others came out in support of Mousa, who was endorsed by 26 parliamentarians.

In press remarks, Moussa said that the Egyptian Council of Arab Tribes announced its support for him in the upcoming election, confirming that it is one of the most important political blocs and includes more than 40 million citizens.

For his part, Former MP Ragab Hilal Hamida, the current secretary of the Egyptian Council of Arab Tribes, said that the council has declared its support for the candidate, including all the tribal leaders in the council.

The Farmers’ Union previously announced its support for President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi; however, Moussa said in statements that the union would support him and that they would open their headquarters for his hustings.

In the same context, Wagih Abu Hagar, member of the secretary general of Ghad Party and the follow-up secretary of the of the Egyptian Council of Arab and Egyptian Tribes, said that all the tribes included in the council announced their support for Moussa Mustafa Moussa, head of the Ghad party.

Abu Hagar added that the tribal council includes about 86 tribes. He added that the council’s members are approximately 2,650,000.

The incumbent President Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi and the President of the political party Al-Ghad (Tomorrow) Moussa Moustafa are the only two candidates who are found eligible by the authority to contest in the election.

On January 26, two days after President al-Sisi has submitted his candidacy papers to the National Election Authority, President of al-Wafd Party announced his intention to run in the 2018 presidential election before the party came out of its unanimous support to President al-Sisi.

Voting in the 2018 presidential election in Egypt will commence on March 26, as announced by the National Electoral Authority (NEA) on January 8. Sixty million eligible voters will cast their ballots in the election between March 26 and 28 in Egypt, while expatriates will vote between March 16 and 18.

Al-Sisi officially announced on January 19 his candidacy in the 2018 presidential election, scheduled between March 26 and 28.

He took office in 2014 after protesters toppled the Muslim Brotherhood affiliated ex-president Mohamed Morsy.

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