Parliament prepares notes to sue BBC before international courts

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Secretary-General Omar Hamroush of Parliament’s Religious Affairs Committee said that he is preparing notes to sue the British channel BBC, as well as other international organizations, before international courts for alleging Zubeida Ibrahim’s forcible disappearance in its report entitled “The Shadow over Egypt”.

He remarked that these organizations and media networks fail to understand incidents in Sinai and Egypt’s efforts to combat terrorism, wondering why they do not issue any statement for the right of those who were killed to preserve their country’s security while fighting terrorism.

He stressed that these organizations and media networks are financed with billions to issue reports with fake information about Egypt, and they should be referred to the international courts to be scandalized before the world.

A BBC report claimed that Ibrahim disappeared on April 8, 2017, according to statements given by her mother.

Egyptian TV host Amr Adeeb interviewed Ibrahim, who revealed that she has been married for a year, with a son named Hamza, and that she lives in the Faisal neighborhood.

Ibrahim told Adeeb that she has not been talking to her mother for a year. The young female chose not to reveal the reason behind her disagreement with her mother.

Ibrahim also added that she was jailed once for four months along with her mother for joining a pro-Muslim Brotherhood protest. However, she denied being tortured when she was jailed in El Qanater prison.

The young female said that her mother’s false statements to BBC were given because the mother did not know her daughter’s whereabouts, and she asked her mother to forgive her and to accept to meet her as soon as possible.

Ibrahim revealed that she did not know anything about BBC’s controversial report, as she does not follow the news or public affairs.

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