Tourism Ministry prepares to participate in tourism exhibition in Barcelona by November

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The Ministry of Tourism is preparing to participate in the IBTM World Barcelona exhibition, which will be held by the end of November, according to an official in the Egyptian Travel Agents Association (ETTA).

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the General Authority for Tourism Development has informed the ETTA that the participation cost of the exhibition is $1,500 to be paid directly to the Egyptian Federation of Tourism Chambers (EFTC).

Spanish tourism is very important for Egypt, and the ministry aims to increase the number of Spanish tourists in the next year to 100,000 visitors, said the official. He added that the average residence of Spanish tourists in Egypt ranges from 4 to 7 days per visit.

Osama Amara, secretary general of the ETTA, said there is coordination between the association and the EFTC to participate in such large exhibitions.

The most famous tourist exhibitions involving Egyptian tour operators and hotels include ITB Berlin, which is held every March, and WTM, which is held in London every November.

The official said the European tourism inflow to Egypt accounts for about 70% of total inflows, stressing the ministry has made great efforts in the past period to restore tourism.

He added the J. Walter Thompson (JWT) advertising company has agreed with the Ministry of Tourism in mid-2015 to promote Egyptian tourism and participate in major international tourism events.

The cultural tourism represents less than 2% of incoming tourism to Egypt annually, according to ITTA Tours President Adel Zaki, adding that cultural tourism is capable of operating a large number hotels and providing more job opportunities for young people.

Zaki said the average spending of a tourist who visits antiquities ranges from $100 to $150 per night, which implies more attention in the current period.

A tourist investor in Luxor, Abdel Rahman Anwar, said there are about 240 halted floating hotels in Luxor and Aswan due to the decline in tourism flow to the region. The hotel capacity in Luxor and Aswan amounts to about 21,000 rooms, of which 17,000 are in floating hotels.

The participation in tourist exhibitions, especially in Western European countries, contributes to increasing tourist flows and re-operating halted hotels.

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