Updates on renovations of Armed Forces Medical Complex

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On Friday morning, President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi inaugurated the main stage of the renovations of the Armed Forces Medical Complex in Maadi, south of Cairo, according to state television.

The development of the complex includes establishing a number of hospitals and specialized medical centers that provide medical services to members of the Armed Forces and civilians.

It also includes establishing a new cancer/oncology hospital, the largest of its kind in the Middle East, with a total capacity of 400 beds. The complex will include a laboratory with the latest technology to examine tumors accurately.

A 2,000 square meters dialysis center is also in construction. It will be one of the largest in Egypt in terms of its size. The emergency department (ED) and blood bank in the medical complex have been upgraded to keep up with the latest technology. President Sisi inspected a number of hospitals and specialized medical centers in the medical complex. While inspecting the hospitals, Sisi stressed the importance of improving the medical and health care facilities available to all citizens.

President Sisi ordered the development of laboratories which will be provided with the most advanced equipment and machines.

A center, specialized for the rehabilitation of children with special needs will be developed. Also, further improvements were added to the psychiatric hospital, which was established in 1966.

All the units and sections of the Armed Forces Medical Complex have been supplied with new medical equipment to provide the best medical services available.

The Maadi medical complex receives more than 220,000 patients annually. It also carries out over 7,000 specialized surgeries for civilians and Armed Forces members and their families.

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