Wafd party votes out Badawi as presumptive nominee in upcoming presidential election

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Al-Wafd Party officially announced Saturday the withdrawal of its chairman El-Sayyid el-Badawi as its presumptive nominee in the upcoming presidential elections.

The voting showed that 42 members of the supreme committee voted against Badawi’s nomination, while only 4 members voted with the nomination.

The party’s announcement followed a 5-hour meeting held by the supreme committee that took place at the party’s headquarter to finally settle on their decision whether to nominate Badawi as a potential presidential candidate, amid a state of division within the party.

On January 26, and two days after President Sisi has submitted his candidacy papers to the National Election Authority, president of al-Wafd Party Head of Wafd Party announced intention to run in the 2018 presidential election.

Lawyer Khaled Ali was among other few and prominent candidates who earlier announced their presidential bid before he took a decision not to contest the upcoming election after the Armed forces released a statement showing the disqualification of his then-competitor ex Military chief of Staff Samy Anan.

In a surprising move, On November 29, 2017, former Egyptian Prime Minister Ahmed Shafik made public with his intention to run for president in the upcoming 2018 election before he abruptly made his mind and announced his retreat from the race.

The presidential election was set to take place March 26-28, with a possible run-off scheduled for April 24-26. If no run-offs are necessary, the winner will be announced on April 2.

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