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Egypt – Beach Paradise All Year Round

No matter what time of the year a holiday is planned – Egypt is definitely worth a trip. Even in winter, tourists can expect temperatures of 25 to 30 degrees in destinations on the Red Sea, such as Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada. So, when the grey, wet, and chilly winter prevails in Germany, it could be a perfect time to escape the daily grind, soak up the sun, enjoy the endless sea, and absorb the country’s rich culture in a hotel or all-inclusive resort in one of the country’s up-and-coming cities.

To this end, the number of flights to Egypt will be increased in the spring. From 1 April onwards, there will be significantly more flights from Germany to Hurghada, Marsa Alam, Sharm el-Sheikh, and Cairo. From Hamburg and Munich, there will be a daily flight to Hurghada. A total of 45 aircraft will take off every week from the DACH region to Egypt.


In Hurghada, tourists can not only relax on the mainland coast and soak up the sun all year round, but also on one of the small offshore islands – most notably Giftun Island, which is only a few kilometers from the coast. Dreamlike beaches and shallow, turquoise waters whisk travelers away to a carefree paradise. Around the sandy beach of Orange Bay or Paradise Island beach on the southern tip of the island, untouched coral reefs and large schools of fish can be explored while snorkeling and diving. Here, swings and hammocks hang over the water, shore-side cocktail bars allow visitors to let gentle waves lap their feet while they enjoy a drink; there are photo spots, and children’s playgrounds while being basked in sunshine galore.

The city on the Red Sea is a popular destination because it offers the amenities of numerous renowned hotel chains with all-inclusive offers as well as luxurious resorts at a much lower price than in European tourist regions. At the same time, this city offers a wide range of opportunities to make the travel season exciting, for example with safaris into the nearby Sahara, in two large indoor aquariums, or on diving tours to impressive reefs off the coast.


The city on the Nile is known for its magnificent temple complexes and the “Valley of the Kings” located a few kilometers outside the city. There, archaeologists have discovered more than 60 final resting places of the pharaohs – and more are being discovered all the time. As recently as January 2023, a 3,500-year-old tomb was opened that may have belonged to a princess or royal wife from the 18th Dynasty – one of the most successful periods of ancient Egypt. Tours of a burial chamber are very popular. To prevent too much moisture from evaporating in the cave-like rooms, the tombs are regularly closed and opened. A repeated visit is therefore worthwhile, as no two burial chambers are the same.

In Luxor itself, visitors have also been able to walk along the former “Path of God” for time, which was opened at the end of 2021. The Sphinx Avenue, which is about three kilometers long and 75 meters wide, was opened to the public after decades of excavation work. Now it is possible to walk between the temple complex of Karnak and the temple of Luxor, flanked by hundreds of sphinxes with human and ram heads, and soak up the atmosphere of the “City of Palaces”. Another popular excursion option here is a ride in a hot air balloon, during which passengers have a breathtaking view of the Pharaonic city, the endless desert, and the fertile Nile River country.

Sharm el-Sheikh

While the town in the south of the Sinai Peninsula was nothing more than a small fishing village until the 1980s, in recent years it has developed into one of the country’s most popular holiday resorts. In Sharm el-Sheikh, also known as the “City of Peace” – due to the numerous peace conferences that took place here – the population has now risen to over 56,000. International hotels have settled here, and their paradisiacal facilities have made the place a pearl on the Red Sea. The Red Sea attracts visitors not only with its bright turquoise blue color but also with its pleasant temperature and exceptionally good water quality. There are golf resorts and adventure parks in the city, and important diving areas can be reached by boat. Nightlife is not only enriched by restaurants and bars, in the suburb of Naama Bay you can even go to casinos. Alternatively, the old town offers cultural sites such as the Al-Sahaba Mosque or the Heavenly Church; a stroll through the souk at the old market square is also amazing.

Excursions to the nearby Sinai highlands are also an option. Here you can cruise through vast desert landscapes on a quad or buggy, take a ride on a camel or go on a day tour by jeep to the historic Mount Sinai and St. Catherine’s Monastery.

Marsa Alam

The small town on the coast of the Red Sea, about 250 kilometers south of Hurghada, is currently still an insider tip among Egyptian holidaymakers. This holiday resort is particularly popular with divers: not only is it possible to dive and snorkel in largely untouched areas, but there is also an exotic variety of marine life to see. The area off the beach of Marsa Murena is famous for the sea turtles and dugongs that live here. Offshore, you may be lucky to encounter schools of spinner dolphins in the reef called “Dolphin House”, Shaab Samadai. For adventurous divers, there is also a cave system hidden underwater and a shipwreck to explore.

More than 50 kilometers of beaches belong to the area of Marsa Alam, but there is also a lot of untouched nature to discover away from the coasts. The town is the starting point for desert excursions on camelback; alternatively, the dunes can be crossed on quads. South of Marsa Alam is also the Wadi el Gemal National Park, which encompasses a large natural coastal and marine area.

Background information on the Egyptian Tourism Authority

The Egyptian Tourism Authority (ETA) was established in 1981 to boost international tourism by highlighting Egypt’s long history and traditional civilization and promoting the country and its many tourist attractions. ETA’s mission also includes promoting domestic tourism, raising awareness of tourism throughout the country, and strengthening the connection between Egyptians and their heritage.

The ETA’s focus is on the one hand on the diversity of attractions and destinations within Egypt, and on the other hand on developing marketing strategies and programs to promote tourism, as well as providing technical and marketing support. It also organizes and sponsors tourism, sports, and social and cultural events throughout the country. The ETA Board of Directors is chaired by the Minister of Tourism.

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