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Egypt, Libya Discuss Reconstruction of Derna City

Prime Minister Dr. Osama Hammad meets with representatives of Egyptian firms in Libya to deliberate on the reconstruction plans for the eastern city of Derna.

In a significant move aimed at revitalizing war-torn regions, Libya’s Prime Minister Osama Hammad, accompanied by Hatem Al-Araibi, the Head of the Reconstruction and Stability Committee in Libya, met with representatives of Egyptian companies operating in Libya. The primary focus of the meeting was to discuss the reconstruction of the eastern city of Derna.

According to an official press release from the Prime Minister’s media office, Hammad emphasized the urgent need to commence reconstruction work in Derna and its surrounding areas, following the conclusion of search and rescue operations.

He further stressed the importance of expediting projects in the city, given its significance in delivering essential services to the residents of the affected areas.

The Significance of Derna and the Road to Reconstruction

A City Marked by Conflict: Derna has historically been one of the prominent urban centers in Libya. However, like many other Libyan cities, it has borne the brunt of the country’s prolonged conflict, suffering infrastructural damage and displacement of its inhabitants.

Egypt’s Role in Libyan Reconstruction: Egypt, sharing a vast border and deep historical ties with Libya, has been actively involved in efforts to restore stability to its western neighbor. The involvement of Egyptian companies in the reconstruction process signifies the strengthening bilateral ties between the two nations, aiming at mutual prosperity and a stable North African region.

As the focus shifts from conflict to reconstruction, cities like Derna are at the forefront of Libya’s efforts to rebuild and ensure a brighter and stable future for its citizens. The collaboration with experienced Egyptian firms suggests an efficient, cooperative, and multi-faceted approach to the challenges ahead.

Source: Egypt Today

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