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Egypt Rejects Any Calls to Forcibly Displace Palestinians From Gaza: Parl’t Speaker

Speaker of the House of Representatives Hanafi al-Gebali said the Palestinian cause is at a critical juncture, amid far-reaching grave threats.

Addressing an emergency virtual meeting of the Parliamentary Union of the OIC Members States (PUIC) on Monday to discuss the deteriorating situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Gebali also reiterated Egypt’s categorical rejection of any calls to forcibly displace the Palestinians from the Gaza Strip.

He deplored that such calls will lead to liquidating the Palestinian cause, denying the Palestinians their fundamental rights.

“Ever since the onset of the current crisis, Cairo knew it would be a severe one, in terms of dimensions and implications, and that it would constitute a new episode of extreme violence that has been practiced against our fraternal people of Palestine for decades,” Gebali said.

He noted that Egypt attached the utmost importance to the humanitarian aspect of the ongoing crisis, exerted relentless efforts, and intensified its contacts with all the parties concerned at the regional and international levels to contain such an unprecedented escalation.

“The ongoing tragedy in Palestine is a natural result of a lack of seriousness while dealing with the Palestinian issue,” Gebali said, calling upon the parliaments of all Muslim nations to expose to the world the crimes committed by the Israeli’s occupation against Palestinians in Gaza.

Source: Egypt Independent

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