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Egypt Restores International Partners’ Trust After 2011 Events: Shoukry

Egypt’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sameh Shoukry, said that Egypt has regained the trust of its international partners after it was shaken by the events of 2011. He said that Egypt has adopted a balanced and diversified policy that helped it restore its role as a reliable and influential partner in the global and regional systems.

Shoukry made these statements on Monday during the “Foreign Policy and National Security” session of the “Vision and Achievement” a Story of a Nation Conference, which was attended by President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi.

Shoukry said that Egypt has increased its bilateral contacts with its Arab, African, and Islamic partners, and relied on the support of the private sector and businessmen to expand the areas of cooperation. He also said that Egypt has focused on summit diplomacy, which opened new horizons for personal relations based on mutual respect and trust.

Shoukry also highlighted the challenges posed by the instability in the region, which affected Egypt’s internal stability and security. He said that Egypt has actively engaged in resolving the crisis in Libya, Sudan, Syria, Yemen, and Somalia, and supported the preservation of the national state institutions.

Shoukry also reviewed the Egyptian vision regarding the ways to enhance the African efforts to achieve development and integration, and the synergy with the 2030 Development Agenda. He also stressed the importance of the partnership between Egypt and the European Union (EU), which is based on mutual interests and respect, and avoids dictation and conditionality.

Shoukry also mentioned the establishment of new cooperation frameworks, such as the Egyptian-Greek-Cypriot tripartite mechanism, which has achieved great development and played a role in stabilizing the Eastern Mediterranean. He said that this mechanism is based on common roots and interests among the peoples of the three countries.

Source: Daily News Egypt

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