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Egypt Reveals Efforts to Provide Medical Services at State Expenses

The Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population revealed its efforts over the past two years to provide medical services within treatment programs at state expense.

In this report, et reviews the treatment at state expense to provide medical services to citizens who do not have health coverage:

1- Issuing 7,113,362 treatment decisions at state expense, at a total cost of L.E. 32,495,645,000.

2- Providing an integrated health service at state expense for incapable citizens.

3- The total beneficiaries of the treatment decisions issued amounted to 3 million 193 thousand and 481 citizens.

4- Facilitating procedures for citizens to obtain medical services at the highest level.

5- Treatment decisions made at state expense included specialties (blood diseases, oncology, nose and ear, surgery, gynecology, internal medicine, urology, and bones, in addition to skin and neurological diseases).

6- Implementing treatment decisions at state expense, issued through hospitals affiliated with the Ministry at the level of the governorates of the Republic.

7- To expand the areas of service provision, contracts were made with several private bodies for treatment at the state’s expense

Source: Egypt Today

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