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Egypt to Apply New Entry Visa Measures for Canadians Starting October

Egypt has announced new entry visa measures for Canadian citizens willing to travel the country, which will go into effect as of 1 October.

“As of October 1st, 2023, Canadian passport holders will no longer be able to obtain a visa upon arrival at any of the Egyptian entry ports,” said a statement by the Egyptian Embassy in Ottawa.

The embassy added that Canadian citizens will be required to apply for an entry visa from one of the Egyptian Embassies or Consulates abroad.

Egypt, however, gives the option for Canadian Egyptians to either obtain a free visa from Egyptian embassies and consulates abroad or get a paid entry visa upon arrival.

Obtaining a free visa from embassies and consulates only requires Canadian Egyptians to submit a document proving their Egyptian nationality, such as a birth certificate, a national ID card or a passport.

However, in the second case, Canadian Egyptians will still have to obtain a certificate proving their Egyptian nationality from Egyptian embassies and consulates abroad.

The certificate aims “to facilitate travel from international airports to Egypt,” the embassy said, adding that they will have to present the document at travel and entry ports as well as the airline authorities.

Egyptians in Canada can have their documents being processed either through mail or by coming to the Egyptian Embassy in Ottawa or the Consulate General in Montreal, the embassy added.

Canada hosts a large Egyptian community, comprising around 300,000 people, according to then-Egyptian Ambassador to Ottawa Ahmed Abu Zeid in 2021.

Source: Egypt Today

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