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Egypt’s Cabinet Launches English-language Mobile App Featuring Government Activities

Egypt’s Cabinet has launched an English-language mobile app as part of its efforts to support the government’s information availability and highlight its various activities.

Ambassador Nader Saad, the official spokesperson for the Cabinet, said in a statement that the app complements the efforts made to facilitate communication channels between the government and citizens and promote ways to address external communities in order to deliver a clear and integrated image of the Egyptian government’s projects, activities, and decisions from official sources.

Osama El-Gohary, Assistant to the Prime Minister and Head of the Information and Decision Support Center (IDSC) at the Cabinet, explained that the new app focuses on publishing news and events related to the Egyptian government’s international activities, especially in the economic and investment sectors. This is part of efforts to connect government movements with financial and business communities worldwide through a communication channel that reflects various government events and activities.

The Head of IDSC added that the contents of the Cabinet’s English-language mobile app are divided into several sections, including a special section for Cabinet news and another for government meetings. 

It also includes a comprehensive display of all Egyptian economic indicators, as well as a section that presents the “Egypt 2030” vision and an overview of the government’s work program and annual report. The application also shows the government’s ministerial formation, including the names of the ministry’s members, the official biography of the Prime Minister and his duties, as well as the biography of each minister.

In addition, the new app provides an important window for encouraging foreign investment and facilitating business procedures by allowing the possibility of submitting applications within the “Golden License” system. The Golden License is a unified license that includes all the necessary permits and approvals for establishing and operating projects. The new app provides a complete guide in English on the conditions for obtaining the “Golden License” and the steps for submitting and reviewing the application online.

At the same time, the new app enables the Cabinet’s economic indicators section in English, which provides ease of access and follow-up to various updates related to economic indicators, such as growth and employment rates, inflation, public debt and deficit, net international reserves at the Central Bank, and GDP. 

These indicators are presented in chronological series that enable easy monitoring of the performance of the Egyptian economy.

The app is available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

App Store:

Google Play:

Source: Daily News Egypt

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