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Publishing data, photos that offend people with disabilities to be punished by LE 200K fine

Egyptian law on rights of persons with disabilities primarily aim to protect people with abilities, enable them to obtain their entitlements, and ensure their full integration into society.

According to the law, whoever displays, publishes, or broadcasts, by any means of publication, any of the data, information, pictures, drawings, or films that offend persons with disabilities, or endanger them, shall be punished by a fine of not less than 10,000 pounds and not exceeding 200,000 pounds.

The legislation also emphasized that the publisher or display party must implement the right of reply and correction from the person who was attacked or his representative in the same time and space of publishing via the same means. 

The law affirms that the state is committed to protecting the rights of persons with disabilities stipulated in this law or in any other law, including providing a safe environment for persons with disabilities and not exposing them to economic, political, or commercial exploitation, violence, assault, torture, harm, neglect, negligence, degrading treatment or affecting any of their rights. 

The state is committed to providing the necessary security and protection that is commensurate with the capabilities of the challenged persons, and putting in place measures to protect and secure them from the dangers that they may be exposed to in all circumstances, including: epidemics, disasters, emergency conditions and dangerous situations.

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