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Al-Sisi highlights Egypt’s efforts in NEPAD during AU-EU mini-summit 

Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi took part on Saturday in the African-European mini-summit, which was held on the sidelines of the G20 summit, in New Delhi, India.

The summit brought together leaders and representatives of Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, France, South Africa, Nigeria, the Comoros – the chair of the African Union – the European Union, the World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund.

The summit discussed developments in several issues of common interest, especially the membership of the African Union in the G20. The president described the decision as a step in the right direction to provide an opportunity to put the continent’s priorities on the international agenda.

The summit also had an in-depth discussion on the current international situation and its negative impacts on food security, where Al-Sisi indicated that addressing the challenges of the growing food crisis, particularly on the African continent, requires developing a joint vision to strengthen the governance of the global food security system.

Al-Sisi explained that this vision must be based on the centrality of the multilateral system, and the consistency of the efforts of international financial institutions and active parties in responding quickly and effectively to the crisis, including its roots and multiple dimensions.

The president stressed that one of the most important priorities of his presidency of NEPAD is to activate the Comprehensive African Agricultural Development Program to support food security in Africa, in light of the urgent need to support the agriculture and rural development sector to achieve food security for the peoples of the continent.

During the mini-summit, African and European leaders agreed on the importance of continuing coordination and working to achieve optimal benefit from their partnership, in a way that enhances their mutual interests and gains.

Source: Daily News Egypt

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