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Archaeologist Claims He Was ‘Coughing Blood’ After Opening 600-Year-Old Egyptian Tomb

Imagine getting a glimpse of the past and walking through the corridors of an ancient Egyptian tomb. It’s an experience that many archaeologists and Egyptologists dream of, but for Ramy Romany, it turned into a nightmare. As the host of Discovery Channel’s Mummies Unwrapped, Romany was tasked with identifying a mummy that he believed could be Akhenaten, an ancient pharaoh from the Bible. However, his journey into the tomb turned out to be a harrowing experience, as he ended up “coughing blood” and “hallucinating.”

Sharing his experience on The Jordan Harbinger Show, Romany shared, “I have been cursed at some point in my life. I was in Egypt at a tomb in Amarna. Not much people go to Amarna. I went there because I was trying to know more about Akhenaten, I went inside that tomb that has not been opened for 600 years.”

Romany was keen on exploring it due to the story he was following. However, the guard had lost the key and they had to break the lock to gain entry. After breaking the lock, the guard tells him, ’One second I have to knock on the door’ and informed that there were snakes inside and they could hear them rattling and slithering around.

Meanwhile, as they started filming inside the tomb, Ramy Romany says he felt heavy and struggled to breathe. The tomb was filled with bats and the smell was unbearable. After leaving the tomb, he felt sick and experienced the strong smell of ammonia from bat urine and the presence of snakes. He described the situation as strange: “Your body is telling you ‘stop breathing this is not good’.”

“I’m yelling at the camera and being very excited and I’m breathing all this crap in. Snake and bat crap, but maybe the Curse of the Mummy mixed in,” the Egyptologist added and said, “Literally a day later I was in horrible shape in bed. I had fevers that went up to 107. We had doctors coming in, I was coughing blood. I was hallucinating and my wife was scared and I don’t know how I survived.”

Ramy Romany stated that his symptoms stumped the doctors. Despite informing them about his trip to the tomb, they could not figure out what was wrong with him. He was put on several antibiotics, which thankfully helped him recover from his mysterious illness. According to the doctors, the combination of bats, snakes and dust that he encountered inside the tomb was not suitable for health. Romany was grateful to have survived the nightmare.

Source: News18

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