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China and Egypt’s Efforts to Classify Muslim Brotherhood as an International Terrorist Organization

Considering that I was and still is, until this moment, the Egyptian and Arab academic closest to the experts and centers of thought of political Islam in China during the period of the Arab Spring revolutions. From the events and to understand the nature of that stage from a different point of view, many may not have had the opportunity to view, archive and document it, given the fear of the Chinese immediately after announcing the arrival of the banned Brotherhood to power in Egypt and the region from announcing their alliance with the Americans in confronting the Chinese and their interests in Cairo, so it was the first real published message  It was published officially on the website of the Egyptian Al-Shorouk newspaper, and it was specifically published on Tuesday, December 13, 2011, after the revolution of January 25, 2011. It was titled: “China seeks alliance with (political Islam) against America”. Through it, I expressed the Chinese point of view and their fear of any possible alliance between the Muslim Brotherhood in the first place and the American side, so my strict message came to everyone, that China welcomed at the time, according to the signs and indications that appeared at the time, using Washington as a pressure card for the Muslim Brotherhood in confronting the Chinese. Therefore, at the time, she officially expressed, in a published dialogue, the official view of China and the leaders of the ruling Communist Party in China, regarding China’s endeavor and welcome to ally with political Islam in the face of the Americans to get rid of their extremism and terrorism in the first place.  This is what is actually happening now, in view of this great rapprochement between the United States of America and its unlimited support for the Muslim Brotherhood, which the political system in Egypt and a number of countries in the region have officially classified as banned terrorists.  Thus, from my point of view and my vision of the general political scene between Beijing and Washington, political Islam groups, led by the banned Muslim Brotherhood, have been antagonized as a pressure card to confront the Chinese and their interests by the Americans.  Personally, I became more vulnerable than any other academic to being targeted by the banned terrorist Brotherhood, to the extent that they follow me in the streets and everywhere, by issuing media invitations and activities to me, and then I am surprised after that they practice violent bullying methods in confronting me with the threat of the Chinese through me, which is what  It aroused the ire and concern of the leaders of the Chinese Communist Party and its comrades in confronting the violence of the banned terrorist Brotherhood in confronting me and the Chinese with the generous and full support of the CIA and the Israeli Mossad, given the arrival of proven threats to me regarding the relationship of the Israeli Mossad and its agencies with the banned Brotherhood and the countries that sponsor terrorism in the region. This is the email that I have already published publicly, in order to understand all the risks that I am exposed to as an internationally known academic and researcher in Chinese affairs.

  It has also become obligatory for me to make a public statement for the first time globally, and I ask those working in (the archives of the Egyptian presidency) to search for (an official telegram sent by me to the ousted President “Mohamed Morsi” in 2012), specifically in July or August 2012, and that  Just before the ousted President “Muhammad Morsi”  traveled to China in August 2012, this telegram sent by me specifically to the presidency of the Egyptian Republic at the time of the ousted “Muhammad Morsi” contained China’s official view in the face of the banned Brotherhood, that your invitation to China is an attempt to contain you in the face of  The United States of America, and I mentioned in my official telegram sent to the Presidency of the Republic at the time, that there are many Chinese fears of your standing – i.e. the banned Muslim Brotherhood at that time – against humanity, civilization and the global urbanization movement, through the Chinese fear of restricting the banned Brotherhood during the days of the isolated “Muhammad Morsi” for ballet and opera performances, and even for the exclusion of women and all those modern civil activities by his group and the Muslim Brotherhood’s guidance office at that time is proven by evidence, which aroused the anger, anxiety and anger of the leaders in Beijing given its strong respect for civilization, civilization and modernity, and the Chinese Communist Party and its leader adopted the Chinese comrade  President “Xi Jinping” for the “Global Civilization Initiative”, and Comrade “Xi Jinping” officially launched the Global Civilization Initiative, to link all countries, states and regions of the world with ancient civilizations such as China and Egypt in the face of any external interference in confronting them.

  And what I will announce for the first time globally, and perhaps it will be shocking to many, to Washington itself, and to the West as well, considering that they were and still are among the most hostile to me due to my closeness to the Chinese and my upbringing among the children of communist comrades in Beijing since my first university years – after my request today by officials in the archives of the Presidency of the Republic  of Egypt – Searching for the telegram of the aforementioned sender to the presidency of the Egyptian Republic just prior to the visit of the isolated “Mohamed Morsi” to China in August 2012, is my falling under severe revenge and real street war by the Guidance Office of the banned Brotherhood and the international organization of the banned Brotherhood, given my attack on them according to  An email sent to the Egyptian Presidency and to the deposed “Mohamed Morsi”, expressly declaring in it the fear of the Chinese, prior to his visit to Beijing, that the banned Brotherhood would stand against any civilization, civil or humanity, and the enormous anger of the Chinese and their fear of the banned Brotherhood’s cancellation of ballet performances and several cultural and artistic activities and events.  and modern civilization. Then I suggested, in my telegram sent to the Egyptian Presidency in August 2012, that the Muslim Brotherhood should prove that they are with the movement of civilization and modern civilization in relation to the Chinese, who fear their access to power and any attempts to obstruct and restrict the modern Egyptian civil state.

  And I believe, after remembering the incident of this telegraph, that this is the realistic and real proof of the search for reasons for fighting the organization of the Muslim Brotherhood, which was banned for me in the first place until this moment, by subjecting me to a systematic and deliberate war of revenge, because I conveyed to them at the time and with great honesty the point of view of China that demands civilization, civilization and modernity from them, and with the insistence of the party leaders  The Chinese Communist to make Egypt and preserve its modern, civilized character that encourages ballet performances, arts, literature and culture.  This is what the banned Brotherhood fought fiercely by excluding all enlightened leaders from the state ministries of Culture, Arts, Literature and Science at the time.  I ask the Egyptian Presidency to refer to my aforementioned telegraph to confirm what I mentioned through it, and to understand the reasons for the street war that I am waging today alone in the face of the banned Brotherhood and its affiliates in the streets and on the roads to my doorstep, and for no intelligible reason other than acts of reprisal from me and the Chinese, as I understood.  To provoke and provoke the American side that supports the Brotherhood by calling on all currents of political Islam to leave their allegiance to the Americans, and then to give advice – based on the desire of the Chinese – to the Egyptian presidency at the time of the isolated Mohamed Morsi and the banned Brotherhood not to stand against the Egyptian civil movement and modernity.

 Hence, after all of you understanding the situation, it has become imperative for me to stand firmly with the Chinese in confronting the attempts of the Guidance Office of the banned Brotherhood and the international organization of the banned terrorist group of the Muslim Brotherhood to terrorist me and to exert extreme pressure and bullying in my confrontation because of what I mentioned of sending me a proven, documented and registered telegram with acknowledgment of receipt to the Egyptian Presidency  During the days of “Mohamed Morsi”, I demand from him and his group that China is angry with them for standing against civilization, humanity, modernization, and civilization, by focusing on their cancellation of ballet performances in the Egyptian opera and so on.  Thus, you will understand, and you will all understand, the reason for that bullying and the random street war that the organization of the banned Brotherhood group exposed me to in the heart of the streets of Cairo, after I was accused by them of causing the Chinese to worry about them during the days of the isolated “Mohamed Morsi” and the banned Brotherhood’s guidance office.   

 Here, I and the Chinese agree with the statement of Egyptian President “Abdel Fattah El-Sisi”, that there is a deliberate confusion among the members of the banned Brotherhood between their political and ideological opponents, mainly like us, and those who stand against religion in the first place, considering, gentlemen and the great people of Egypt, that our issue with them is not religious at all, but rather  Basically political, and that is the danger for me, the Chinese, and President “El-Sisi”, for the banned Brotherhood to use the card of “politicizing religion and Islam according to what their personal interests require,” which was actually evident from President El-Sisi’s question in his speech at an economic conference in Cairo in October 2022, about: “Were (the revolutions of January 25, 2011 and June 30, 2013) the main cause of all those (crises and challenges) that we face today?… President El-Sisi’s answer was simply (yes), because it provided an opportunity for political Islam represented in  The terrorist Muslim Brotherhood group, which is banned from reaching power.. With a tone of denunciation, he continued: “When (political Islam) came to power, it failed, did not admit its failure, and began to consider that we are against religion, and therefore it prepared us all and today asks us for reconciliation”.

  And based on our full understanding of the situation here, it has become necessary to present the Chinese questions to the American side itself about the reasons for not including and classifying the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group according to the classification of the list of terrorists in the American administration, in which the Secretary of State and the Secretary of the Treasury in cooperation with the Minister of Justice must provide evidence and data to  Congress, in turn, approves or objects to classifying the organization or group in the list of terrorism in accordance with Article (219) of the US Immigration and Nationality Act, which has already been presented and proven in the face of the crimes of the banned terrorist Muslim Brotherhood group in Egypt, the region and China.  In order to fully and accurately understand how any party is classified as a terrorist organization by the US administration, that organization or this organization, such as the terrorist Brotherhood, must be foreign and engaged in terrorist activities, and its activities constitute a threat to US national security or the security of US citizens and others.  Accordingly, Washington included a number of those extremist terrorist organizations that are mainly associated with the banned terrorist group, the Brotherhood, and their relationship with them and their emergence from the womb of the international terrorist organization of the banned Brotherhood, such as: the organizations of the “Army of Islam”, “Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades”, “The Palestine Liberation Front” and “The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine”, as the US administration officially included them in the list of terrorist organizations. All of these extremist organizations are known to be linked in one way or another to the banned terrorist Brotherhood in Egypt, the region and the world, with the full knowledge of the American administration.   

  Bearing in mind that in the event of a classification decision, the US Department of State and Treasury shall prepare a record of the individual or organization concerned, freeze the balances and assets of the entity or individual in the United States or in institutions under US influence and control, and notify the US financial institutions of the ban decision and request the seizure of the individual’s balances.  or terrorist entity. Therefore, the Chinese and the experts and centers of political Islam have questioned the reasons for Washington’s refusal to include them as an international terrorist organization, even though it is the mother organizational movement from which hundreds of terrorist extremist organizations emerged, officially classified as terrorist according to the classification of the US State Department and the US Treasury.  This raises many question marks about the relationship of the United States of America with terrorist organizations such as the banned terrorist Muslim Brotherhood, and the extent and method of using them politically and ideologically in confronting those who disagree with the American administration, such as China, Egypt, and others, to interfere in their affairs and destabilize them through members of the banned Brotherhood in Egypt, the region, and China.

   Accordingly, we find the United Nations resorting itself as an international platform to classify a number of international terrorist extremist organizations at the top of their list of internationally and internationally banned terrorist targets, such as: the Al-Qaeda organization in Afghanistan, which essentially emanates from the womb of the banned terrorist group, the Muslim Brotherhood, whose founder, Osama bin Laden, was born and raised at its hands.  According to his internationally documented acknowledgment, which is what called on the Secretary-General of the United Nations, “Antonio Guterres”, specifically in August 2021, calling on the UN Security Council to “use all available means to suppress the global terrorist threat of terrorists in Afghanistan and other countries around the world associated with it”. Knowing that there is a close and confirmed relationship between Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and the banned Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, the region and the Gulf, there is a policy of “double standards” regarding the classification of the banned Muslim Brotherhood as an international, American and international terrorist organization by the United Nations, like other organizations.  These terrorist organizations are the subject of great questions from China and from our side as well. The failure of the banned Brotherhood’s rule in Egypt and the region, coupled with its overthrow and removal from power, and the escape and accession of a number of its followers and symbols to al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and the Taliban movement, which was a huge morale boost for these anti-Western jihadists all over the world, was the escape of terrorists from the group  The banned Brotherhood from Egypt After the departure and overthrow of the rule of the banned Brotherhood and their President, “Mohamed Morsi”, it is a tempting prize for the fighters of the so-called Islamic State, who are looking to find a new stronghold for them after defeating the declaration of the caliphate state that they declared themselves in Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Libya, and others.  Senior Western officers and politicians have warned of a close relationship between the banned Brotherhood, the flight of its cadres from Egypt and their prosecution, the strong return of al-Qaeda to Afghanistan, and the spread of many extremist terrorist organizations around the world that emerged or will emerge from the womb of the terrorist Brotherhood organization, especially after its cadres escaped from  Egypt after overthrowing the rule of the ousted “Muhammad Morsi” and his group, as the British Prime Minister himself, “Boris Johnson”, warned, in his speech after an emergency meeting, of the need for Western countries to unite to prevent Afghanistan from becoming a haven for international terrorist groups again, and I consider with the official Chinese side that  The union of Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan with the cadres and elements of the Muslim Brotherhood organization banned in Egypt and the region causes many risks to the security and stability of Egypt, the region, Sinai and China mainly, given the extensions of those extremist organizations with the (East Turkistan separatist movement) banned in China in the Xinjiang region and the Chinese territories.

   The Chinese, Egyptian, and international question remains as well, directed by us to the Americans, and given their ban on many factions, groups, movements, and dispersed organizations in most parts of the world that have extensions, relations, and entanglements with the banned Brotherhood in Egypt and the region, including local groups and organizations, such as: Al-Qaeda Organization for the Arab Maghreb and Ansar al-Islam in  The Kurdistan region of Iraq, Ansar al-Sharia in Libya and the Islamic State in West Africa, led by “Abu Musab al-Barnawi”.  In addition to the emergence of other Salafi-jihadi organizations and movements in different regions, some of which declared absolute loyalty to the international terrorist Brotherhood organization, Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and its leader, Osama bin Laden, and others that emerged from it, but later established independent organizations with their own agendas without referring to Al-Qaeda or the banned Brotherhood, but it became clear that there are extensions, relations and entanglements with it, which means that the banned Brotherhood must be classified as an international, American and even international terrorist group from the United Nations platform, given its international crimes and its international extensions, effects and complex entanglements.            

 And one of the most dangerous of these extremist organizations emanating from the womb of the banned terrorist organization of the Muslim Brotherhood is the state organization known as (Wilayat Sinai terrorist organization), as one of the most prominent of these extremist groups linked to the banned terrorist group of the Muslim Brotherhood.  The “Sinai Province” organization in Egypt was previously known as the “Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis” organization before announcing its pledge of allegiance to the “Islamic State” organization in November 2014, immediately after removing the banned Brotherhood’s rule. Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis came into existence after the January 2011 revolution, mainly linked to the terrorist Brotherhood and the Hamas movement, according to what has been proven, when Palestinian gunmen joined the Egyptian “Tawhid and Jihad” group, which was mainly active in Sinai, and together they formed this group.  The group began its operations in Sinai after the overthrow of the deposed president, “Mohamed Morsi” in 2013, and all security and intelligence sources in Egypt confirm the existence of a relationship between all those extremist organizations and movements on the land of Sinai and the banned terrorist Brotherhood, which sought revenge on the great people of Egypt after the overthrow of the rule of  The banned and ousted Brotherhood, “Mohamed Morsi”, focused its activities on the Egyptian security forces and army in Sinai, and then expanded the scope of its extremist criminal and terrorist activities to include Cairo, Giza and all other Egyptian governorates. It also became clear that the terrorist Brotherhood took revenge on the people of Egypt after it was overthrown in the revolution of June 30, 2013, and extended and expanded the scope of its operations until it reached the Western Desert, given the terrain of that mountainous region, which helped Takfiri expiatory terrorists from the banned Brotherhood hide inside, as well as its proximity to the border.  Libyan.  In addition to the proven hatred of the banned Brotherhood organization against the Copts of Egypt, and the expansion of its attacks against Christians, by targeting their churches, monasteries and religious rites.  This proves, on an international level, the extent of the criminality of the terrorist Brotherhood, whose operations included suicide attacks, shootings from speeding cars, beheadings, and field executions in full view of the international community, in addition to its involvement in proven and documented international crimes and assassinations against the international terrorist Brotherhood organization with evidence.

  As it became clear to the Egyptian security and intelligence services and the international community, the emergence of several international terrorist organizations that arose from the womb of the terrorist Brotherhood group to commit crimes against the people of Egypt and the region and crimes against humanity, especially after the overthrow of the banned Brotherhood’s rule after the Egyptian people left on June 30 in the face of the terrorism and violence of the Takfiri expiatory group of the banned terrorist Brotherhood, such as: the “Wilayat Sinai”, “Jund al-Islam”, “Soldiers of Egypt” and “Al-Mourabitoun”. Evidence shows the extent to which all these armed and terrorist groups and movements in Egypt are linked to the banned terrorist group.

  Therefore, the Chinese wondered about the reasons why the US administration did not officially list and classify the banned Brotherhood as a terrorist group by the US State Department and the Treasury Department responsible for that.  Hence the Chinese authorities’ official realization of the danger of the banned Brotherhood as a terrorist group, given its close ties and entanglements with the (East Turkestan Islamic Party) in the Chinese Xinjiang region, which the Chinese authorities and its ruling Communist Party describe as terrorist separatism, as this movement is based in the “Waziristan” region in  Pakistan is its official headquarters, and most of its members are from the Uyghur minority belonging to the East Turkestan Movement in Xinjiang. The United States of America has actually included it in the list of terrorist organizations for twenty years, but it removed it from the list several years ago, justifying that there is no evidence of its existence or the continuation of its activities. However, what raised the concerns of the Chinese authorities is the emergence of the name and movement of the East Turkestan Party clearly with the terrorist Brotherhood organization in Egypt and the Middle East and the Islamic State organization in Syria and Iraq, which has been linked to the banned terrorist Brotherhood extensions since 2014, with the fear of the Chinese authorities and its ruling Communist Party about the close relationship between the extremists of the banned East Turkestan Movement and the international organization of the terrorist Brotherhood, and the extent of their assistance to it with the al-Qaeda organization in Afghanistan to recruit thousands of terrorists belonging to the separatist East Turkestan Movement in the Chinese Xinjiang region to travel through Turkey, to fight to  On the side of the opposition forces against the Syrian government. This was rejected by the Chinese authorities and demanded the extradition of these terrorists in Syria from the banned East Turkestan movement.  Here, the Syrian ambassador to China announced in 2017 that the number of Uyghur fighters in Syria had reached 5,000, but China’s envoy for the Syrian crisis said: “Certainly there is a concentration of terrorists from the East Turkistan Islamic Movement in these areas, this is certain, but their number is unknown”.

 Hence, we understand the reasons for China’s clear attachment to the need to classify the Brotherhood as an international, American and international terrorist group, given its entanglements, influences and close ties to the banned East Turkistan separatist movement in the Chinese Xinjiang region, as well as the exploitation of the CIA and the Israeli Mossad of those extremist terrorist organizations and movements to destabilize the state.  China, Egypt, the Arab Gulf region, the entire Middle East and the African continent to negatively influence China’s interests and investments in those regions and countries by using the pressure card of the banned terrorist Brotherhood in Egypt, the region and China.  Therefore, it seems reasonable to imagine the extent of their relations with the United States of America and the West to implement the agenda of destabilizing our countries, our national institutions, and our security, to ensure control over us by a handful of paid terrorists led by the international organization of the banned terrorist group, the Brotherhood.  This is the real reason for the US administration’s refusal to classify them as separatist terrorist organizations in order to achieve their interests in confronting Egypt, China and the countries of the region mainly.         

Source: Modern Diplomacy

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