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Deputy minister closes the Indonesian Pavilion at COP-27 Egypt

Deputy Minister of Environment and Forestry Alue Dohong officially closed the Indonesian Pavilion at the 27th UN Climate Conference (COP-27) in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, and highlighted its role in demonstrating Indonesia’s climate actions.

“The Indonesian Pavilion shows what we have done in global negotiations and presents various lessons from the field and various stakeholders,” Dohong noted in a press statement, Friday.

At the closing of the COP-27 Indonesian Pavilion in Egypt, Thursday, Dohong highlighted that the Indonesian Pavilion provided constructive and integrative information, views, and thoughts related to Indonesia’s climate change control program.

“We have voiced Indonesia’s actions, strategies, and innovations to the international community, as a concrete realization to jointly limit the global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius,” he remarked.

Issues that were discussed encompassed the net absorption target for the forestry and other land use sector emissions or FoLU NET SINK 2030, NDC implementation towards Net Zero Emission 2060, climate finance for sustainable development, and opportunities and challenges to climate change and ecosystems.

Moreover, it discussed other issues, such as forest fire management, gender in climate change, utilizing nature-based solutions, youth movements, wider market recognition, and integrated and sustainable mangrove management.

In addition, increasing stakeholder synergies and strategies in managing natural resources, inclusive and collaborative climate action, sustainable management of peatlands, and management of plastic waste were important issues raised at that event.

Dohong also pushed for the discussion of various issues not only to end as a discussion at the Indonesian Pavilion but also to manifest it in the form of implementation on the ground.

“We do not want the discussion of these issues to stop at the closing of the Indonesian Pavilion at COP-27. We must continue our discussion and realize it to achieve greenhouse gas emissions of 31.89 percent unconditionally, and 43.20 percent with conditions in 2030, as stated in Indonesia’s Enhanced NDC,” he emphasized.

Source: Antara

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