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Egypt Provides Medical Services to 90 Mln Citizens

Egypt’s health initiatives provided 145 million medical services to 90 million citizens across the country, reported Spokesperson of the Presidency Ahmed Fahmy in a statement on Tuesday.

The statement came during a meeting of Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi with relevant government officials to follow up on projects of the country’s Universal Health Insurance System (UHIS).

The health of Egypt’s citizens is a top priority to the country, El-Sisi asserted.

To this end, the president directed continuous efforts to increase medical services in villages and areas most in need, he added.

Such efforts must take place in cooperation with both local and foreign private sectors to achieve sustainability in both financial and operational sustainability for prospective projects while maintaining development for current ones, he continued.

New Heart Institute

The president followed up on an initiative launched in March to establish the New Heart Institute aimed at enhancing the role of the country’s National Heart Institute.

According to the statement, it aims present services to patients with heart problems according to international standards, as well as become one of the largest establishments for treatment of patients with heart problems.

Nasser Institute

El-Sisi followed up on the development of the Nasser Institute to become an integrated medical city.

The project was launched in early 2022 with the goal of becoming the largest center for organ transplants in the Middle East and Africa amongst other services, with a budget of EGP10 billion.

The institute will feature new buildings for abdominal medicine, paediatrics, outpatient clinics as well as a genetic disease research centre and laboratory.

The oncology building inside the Nasser Institute Research and Treatment Hospital will also be expanded.

Dar El-Salam

The officials also discussed the development of the Dar El-Salam Oncology Hospital “Hermel”, cooperation with international partners/institutions, into an advanced global center for diagnosing and treating tumours.

In July 2022, the president ordered the establishment of a center for women’s health at Dar Al Salam, funded by Tahya Misr.

The center will diagnose and treat breast tumours as part of the country’s national initiative to support women’s health.

This initiative, dating to 2019 as part of the 100 Million Health project, has screened 28 million women for early-stage carcinoma of the breast, provided clinical examinations, and free treatment for a number of procedures.

 In two years it had screened 21 million women. In July 2022, it dropped late detection from 60 to 30 percent.

Finally, El-Sisi urged persistent devotion to developing Egypt’s health system and making access to health services widespread throughout the country.

Source: Ahram Online

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