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Egypt rolls out new scholarships and residency rights in bid for more foreign students

Egypt has introduced a package of new measures designed to further promote the country as an international study destination.

Targeted especially to Arab and African students, The Egyptian Initiative for Scholarships and Educational Tourism (EGYAID) is part of a broader Study in Egypt project under Egypt’s National Strategy for Higher Education 2030.

At a 28 August 2023 launch event, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Ayman Ashour explained that the EGYAID initiative is based around seven student-focused principles.

  • “We take care of you
  • We welcome the world
  • You are in your second country
  • You are integrated
  • You are innovative
  • You are an ambassador”

“We are preparing the appropriate environment for foreign students, so that innovation and creativity are integrated within the educational process,” said the Minister.

One of the cornerstones of EGYAID is the new educational visa for visiting students, which grants them all of the rights associated with residency during their stay, including access to health services and other social supports.

The initiative also provides for a new scholarship programme – the deadline for which is 15 September – that provides for a 50% reduction in tuition fees for graduate students and a 25% reduction for undergraduate studies.

Reflecting a “whole of government” approach for the EGYAID initiative, several other government ministries have joined to offer additional incentives and supports for visiting students. These include:

  • A 50% discount on domestic transportation and communications charges
  • A 50% discount for students visiting archaeological sites
  • A 50% discount on concerts and cultural performances
  • A 25% discount on travel via EgyptAir for students and family members

Ministry figures indicate that there were nearly 35,000 international applicants for undergraduate studies at Egyptian universities in 2022/23 – an increase of roughly 33% compared to the year before. The ministry reports as well that three out of every four applicants were offered a spot at one of the country’s universities.

Top sending markets for Egypt have historically included UAE, Germany, Turkey, the US, Saudi Arabia, and Ukraine. The cost of a degree programme in Egypt ranges from US$7,000-US$15,000 a year, and students can choose from roughly 20 public universities and higher institutes of technical and professional training and the same number of private institutions. Two Egyptian universities are ranked in the QS top 1000: Cairo University and Ain Shams University in Cairo.

“Egypt has many advantages that could make it a hub for educational tourism,” Magdi Tawfik Abdelhamid, research professor of plant physiology at Cairo’s National Research Centre, explained to University World News.

“Besides the low cost of living for students in Egypt compared to Western countries and competitive tuition fees compared to the rest of the world, English is the language of instruction in scientific, medical, and allied medical faculties and in many other disciplines. The new initiative will help Egypt get a higher share of the global educational tourism market.”

Source: icef monitor

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