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Egypt Says Seeking Road Map That Would Eventually Lead to Independent Palestinian State

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on Saturday announced Arab efforts to agree on a road map that would eventually lead to an independent Palestinian state.

At the opening of the Cairo Peace Summit, al-Sisi said: “I invited you today to discuss and work together toward reaching a specific consensus on a roadmap, which aims to end the current humanitarian tragedy and revive the path of peace through several spheres.”

“This starts with ensuring the full, safe, unfettered and sustainable flow of humanitarian aid and relief to the people of Gaza, followed instantaneously by negotiations on achieving calm and a ceasefire,” the Egyptian president said.

“Then talks on reviving the peace process shall start immediately to put into effect the two-state solution and the establishment of an independent Palestinian State, living side by side with Israel, on the basis of the resolutions of international legitimacy.

“This shall take place while working, in earnest, to bolster the legitimate Palestinian National Authority to assume its duties, in full capacity, in the Palestinian territories,” he added.

The Egyptian president also stressed that “liquidation” of the Palestinian cause will “never happen at the expense of Egypt.”

The Cairo Peace Summit began with international, Arab and UN participation to discuss the latest developments in the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

At least 31 countries and 3 international organizations have confirmed their participation in the Cairo Peace Summit, according to the private Cairo News Channel.

Source: AA

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