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Egypt to Re-introduce Railways in Sinai Within Arish-Taba Logistic Corridor

The Egyptian Railway Authority (ERA) announced the completion of the rehabilitation of the Ferdan/Beir Al Abd line, lying on 100 kilometers between Ismailiyah and North Sinai, and that will be stretched to the Port of Arish.

The works included the renovation and doubling of the old Ferdan Railway Bridge extending above the Suez Canal, as well as constructing a new one extending on 320 meters in each direction.

The length of the old bridge is 640 meters; and, together with the new one, it is being tested by operating trains that carry passengers and cargo between the mainland and Sinai Peninsula.

The railroads within the project have been connected with the others western the Canal, a signaling system has been set up, water, electricity and signaling networks have been extended beneath the waterway, and a business park had been built eastern the Canal.

The line is part of the Arish-Taba Logistic Corridor stretching on 500 kilometers. The corridor starts from Ismailiyah’s Ferdan and ends in Taba, passing through East Port Said, Beir Al Abd, and Arish.

The stations of Sinai’s Beir El Abd, East Qantara, Gelbana, and Romana are being renovated, while a new one will be established in Arish.

Source: Egypt Today

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