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Egypt weather: Possible rain in major areas this weekend

Egypt is expected to see possible rain and windy weather in major areas during this weekend, according to the Egyptian Meteorological Authority (EMA) on Wednesday.

On Thursday, there is a 50 percent chance for moderate rain in northwestern coasts and northern Lower Egypt and 30-40 percent chance for light to moderate rain in northeastern coasts, southern Lower Egypt, south of Red Sea governorate.

Also, Friday rain will extend to Greater Cairo and northern Upper Egypt, the EMA added.

On Friday, chances of light to moderate rain are 40-50 percent in northern coasts and northern Lower Egypt, while southern Lower Egypt can see a 30 percent chance of light rain.

Northern coasts and northern Lower Egypt may only experience light to moderate rain on Saturday, added the EMA.

Areas nationwide will see cool weather during the early morning and at night until Tuesday, the EMA said.

Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, northern coasts, and northern Upper Egypt will see mild weather this week during day while warm weather will prevail South Sinai and southern Upper Egypt over the coming week.

Average temperatures based on the EMA expectations:

– Cairo and Lower Egypt – Highs: 20 – Lows: 14

– Northern coasts – Highs: 19 – Lows: 13

– South Sinai – Highs: 23 – Lows: 16

– Northern Upper Egypt – Highs: 21 – Lows: 10

– Southern Upper Egypt – Highs: 23 – Lows: 12

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