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Egypt’s First Underwater Military Museum to Be Established in the Red Sea

The Red Sea Governorate announced a new project to establish Egypt’s first underwater military museum by drowning 15 warships, local media reported.

The project aims to establish the first museum in Egypt and Africa to combine three alternative diving sites in Hurghada, in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment and Red Sea Reserves and civil society organizations, after years of careful planning and preparation.

These sites are located off the coast of the Red Sea Governorate, where the most crowded sites are located to relieve pressure on natural coral reefs and create new ones.

It aims to provide an unforgettable experience combining history and the natural beauty of the marine environment.

The general secretary of the Red Sea Governorate stated that military equipment consisting of 15 warships, each of which has a unique story and special importance, will be dumped in three locations – Sha`b al-Saqala, Uruq al-Tawil, and Erq Jame` in Magawish, which will create new diving sites in Hurghada.

This move is scheduled to be celebrated on Thursday in Hurghada’s tourist marina, in the presence of Environment Minister Yasmine Fouad and a number of Arab environment ministers from Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Djibouti, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen.

Source: Egypt Independent

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