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Energy limit re-introduced in Tajikistan: what is the reason and how long will the restrictions last?

Tajikistan saves light. The country again introduced a limit on the supply of electricity . The restriction is due to a sharp increase in electricity consumption, reports MIR 24 correspondent Karina Narzikulova.

The limit on electricity consumption is temporary. It will last until the stabilization of the water and energy regime of the Vakhsh River. The load on networks and transformers increased during frosts, and water intake from the Nurek reservoir, where the country’s largest hydroelectric power station is located, increased. And power engineers were forced to return to the previous restrictions.

Initially, they were introduced back in the fall, and in mid-January, against the backdrop of abnormal cold weather, when the temperature reached minus 25, and in the highlands – up to 37 degrees, the president instructed to remove the restrictions. Electricity was supplied to the homes of Tajiks uninterruptedly.

Now the population is being urged to be more careful about the consumption of electricity so that restrictions can be lifted as quickly as possible. The energy limit will not affect Dushanbe and other large cities of the republic.

Earlier, the Minister of Energy and Water Resources of Tajikistan said that the country is joining the unified energy system of Central Asia. The project is being implemented in stages and has already been completed by 85%.

source: mir24

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