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Greece, Egypt and Saudi Arabia Withdraw Joint Bid for 2030 FIFA World Cup

In a recent development, Greece and Saudi Arabia have come to a mutual decision to withdraw their joint bid, alongside Egypt, to co-host the prestigious 2030 FIFA World Cup. The discussions took place on Wednesday, signalling a shift in plans for the upcoming international soccer tournament.

One of the key factors influencing this decision is the prevailing sentiment that the 2030 World Cup should be hosted in Europe. With Spain and Portugal emerging as strong contenders to co-host the event, there has been mounting pressure for the tournament to be awarded to the European nations. Consequently, the Saudi government made the choice to withdraw its bid, aligning with the prevailing sentiment.

However, Greece and Egypt, the countries initially envisioned as co-hosts by Riyadh, have not stepped forward to assume the responsibility. Greece, facing its own set of challenges, lacks the necessary sporting infrastructure required to host an event of this magnitude. Additionally, Athens has expressed concerns about the country’s ongoing economic and political crisis, deeming it an inappropriate time to take on the World Cup hosting duties. Despite Saudi Arabia’s offer to invest in the required infrastructure, Greece has opted to decline the opportunity.

Similarly, Cairo has also declined Saudi Arabia’s request due to similar reasons. Egypt recognizes the challenges inherent in organizing a tournament of such scale amid its own socio-political context, leading them to respectfully decline the proposal.

As a result, the joint bid involving Greece, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt has been withdrawn, marking a significant shift in the hosting landscape for the 2030 FIFA World Cup. The decision opens up new possibilities and reinforces the growing likelihood that Spain and Portugal will secure the privilege of hosting the renowned tournament.

Source : Greekcitytimes

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