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Harmless whale shark spotted in Egypt’s Marsa Alam city on Red Sea

One of the harmless, yet giant, whale sharks was spotted on Thursday in a port located south of Marsa Alam city on the Red Sea.

The slow-moving filter-feeding whale shark, which has appeared frequently in different areas of the Red Sea over the past period, is the largest extant fish species.

Over the past years, the whale shark was spotted several times in Hurghada city, which belongs to the Red Sea governorate in Egypt. The Red Sea reserves have issued a leaflet to inform people how to deal with the giant fish.

Environmental researcher Ahmed Ghallab said the Red Sea Reserves have urged those who spot the whale shark to not touch or chase or intercept it.

The reserves also urged people to keep a distance of 3-4 meters away from the shark and not to use flash photography to not annoy the shark.

The whale shark has a length of up to 18 meters and does not pose any threat to humans despite its size. Environmental scientists advise people against riding the shark despite its peaceful behavior in order to not annoy the shark.

A whale shark has over 300 rows of tiny teeth in its mouth to chop up the food and eats around 20 kilograms of plankton daily. 

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