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Intelcia Launches in Egypt

Intelcia Egypt Commits to hiring 1200 positions by end of 2023 and developing Talents through Training and Upskilling Programs

Intelcia Egypt will offer cutting-edge multi-lingual solutions from its operational sites in Cairo and Alexandria

Intelcia has ambitions to make Egypt a regional hub and to tap into the promising Middle Eastern market

Cairo – Intelcia, a leading multinational outsourcing company with African roots, further strengthens its global expansion strategy by launching operations in Egypt. This milestone represents Intelcia’s commitment to enhancing its presence in key markets and meeting the growing demands of its clients.

The launch of Intelcia’s operations in Egypt showcases its dedication to providing exceptional customer management services in diverse markets in line with the rapidly evolving global business landscape. With this strategic presence, Intelcia aims to tap into the rich talent pool and capitalize on the thriving business environment in Egypt.

“We are excited to establish our presence in Egypt, a country known for its vibrant business ecosystem and exceptional talent pool, in addition to a thriving startup scene with a young population. This expansion aligns with our vision of becoming a global leader as a service provider in outsourcing services, and we are confident that Egypt’s dynamic market will play a crucial role in our continued success,” said Karim Bernoussi, CEO, and co-founder of Intelcia.

Intelcia’s strategic investment in Egypt comes after 22 years of its establishment in Morocco and its subsequent expansion into Africa, Europe and the Americas. One of the company’s core objectives is to develop local talent by providing opportunities for growth and international mobility, while also providing a fulfilling work environment that encourages their professional development and harnesses their potential. Intelcia’s investment not only strengthens its presence in Egypt, but it also promotes economic growth and creates a sustainable talent ecosystem in the region.

The company is confident that this strategic move will bolster its ability to deliver innovative and tailored solutions to its clients while expanding its reach across the Middle East and Africa. Intelcia currently has operations in Cairo and Alexandria, with the ambition of opening a new office in Cairo in late 2023.

Through its operations in Egypt, and in alignment with the Egyptian Government’s various national economic development initiatives, such as the “Ebda” initiative, which aims to generate approximately 150,000 direct and indirect employment opportunities within the next four years. Intelcia is committed to providing job opportunities to the youth.

Moreover, Intelcia provides a wide array of comprehensive training and up-skilling programs designed to help its employees develop their skills and reach their full potential. This commitment to ongoing training is further demonstrated by the fact that more than 10% of its employees receive training each month, ensuring that they stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and developments. The company has also invested in a team of 140 trainers globally, who are responsible for delivering high-quality training programs to employees at all levels. To date, Intelcia provides over 2 million hours of training worldwide annually, reflecting the company’s dedication to supporting the professional development of its collaborators. By investing in ongoing training and up-skilling, Intelcia is empowering its collaborators to reach their full potential, which in turn supports the company’s overall success and its ability to deliver exceptional services to its clients.

As a result of its people-focused strategy, Intelcia has achieved a remarkable 70% employee engagement index score across all countries where it operates. Indicating that the majority of collaborators feel valued and motivated in their roles. This key strategy of being an employer of choice, drives the philosophy that the company’s success is built on the success of its employees, which ultimately translates to the success of its clients.

“We relentlessly strive to attract dynamic and driven individuals who align with our values, infusing our company with a contagious energy. By nurturing an environment that fosters growth, encourages innovation, and embraces diversity, we aim to create a workplace where talents thrive and ambitions soar,” Nidal Afid, Egypt Cluster Director.

Intelcia’s presence in Egypt will serve as a center of excellence for delivering cutting-edge solutions in multichannel customer experience, business processes, IT services, and innovative consulting. By leveraging its expertise and experience gained over the past 22 years, Intelcia aims to provide exceptional value to its clients, whether they are small enterprises or large multinational corporations, and contribute to the growth of the local economy.


As a global player in outsourcing, Intelcia has been supporting its customers for 22 years in the outsourcing of their operations, by combining talents, technologies and processes to offer a tailor-made service and skills that meet international standards. To allow its clients to focus on their challenges and core business, Intelcia proposes a global onshore, nearshore and offshore offer centered around 4 solution-focused divisions:

Multichannel CX solutions, Business Processes, IT solutions and Innovative & consulting solutions. With a presence across 17 countries in Europe, Africa and America, the group currently employs nearly 40,000 people on 85 sites.

Source : Zawya

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