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Kazakhstan tops International Boxing Association

President of KFB Kenes Rakishev intends to consolidate this leadership

Following the successful performance of the Kazakhstan national team at the World Boxing Championships in Jordan in November 2022, the country rose to the first place in the ranking of the International Boxing Association (IBA). Before last year’s victory of the Kazakhstan national team at the World Championship, the country occupied only 3rd place in the ranking.

At the end of 2022, Kazakhstan was ahead of its closest rival in the rating – Uzbekistan – by almost 10.5 thousand points (48,100 versus 37,600).

The top five, according to the IBA, is the following: India (3rd), the United States (4th) and Turkey (5th).

“This is a really well-deserved result of our entire team,” – Kenes Rakishev, President of the Boxing Federation of Kazakhstan, commenting on the increase in the rating. – We successfully passed all international tournaments last year, showed the best results in heavy and medium heavy weights for men. The women’s team has also grown a lot.” According to Kenes Rakishev, the team expects to consolidate this result in 2023. “We are very grateful to the leadership of the country and personally to President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev for the comprehensive support for the development of both sports in general and boxing in particular. We have managed to assemble a professional coaching and managerial staff, raise the prestige of sports, and motivate athletes to achieve high results. I am sure that Kazakhstani boxing has taken a leading position in earnest and for a long time,” Kenes Rakishev emphasized.

Also, according to Rakishev, athletes will gradually improve their personal positions in other international ratings of professional and amateur boxing.

Athletes from more than 200 countries will confirm their titles and ratings in May 2023 at the World Championships in Uzbekistan.

Source : Fox59

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