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Palestinian FM values Egypt’s role in easing Israeli blockade against Gaza

10 September 2023: Palestinian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expats Riyad al-Malky valued in a TV interview Saturday the role played by Egypt to ease the blockade imposed by the Israeli occupation on Gaza.

Malky highlighted that Egypt facilitated the delivery of fuel, electricity, water, and food among others to the strip, and that without such support, residents would not have held out.

The ambassador equally expressed appreciation for the efforts deployed by the Egyptian political leadership to support the Palestinian Cause, and alleviate the suffering of the occupied lands.

The latest of which is hosting the tripartite summit, that comprised President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi, King Abdullah II of Jordan, and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, in New Alamain last August.

Egyptian, Jordanian and Palestinian leaders said in August that they would continue their efforts with the main international powers and parties concerned with peace in order to revive a serious and meaningful peace process.

They affirmed that a peace process must be based on international law and peace references, have a mechanism and a specific timeframe.

Source: Egypt Today

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