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Rights groups call for ‘international inspection’ of Egypt’s prisons after leaked videos allegedly show abuses

Recently Leaked surveillance footage of political prisoners held in solitary confinement at Egypt’s Badr prison is believed to have brought to the surface prior concerns about human rights violations allegedly committed at Egyptian jails.

Earlier this week, social media activists and regime critics posted leaked videos reportedly showing political prisoners inside the infamous facility subjected to human rights abuses.

The alleged abuses include being held in solitary confinement for several years, denying inmates visits by their families and lawyers, and depriving them of proper healthcare and the minimal requirements of appropriate living conditions, according to a statement released by Aritlce 55 Coalition.

The coalition, consisting of organisations focusing on the rights of Egyptian prisoners and detainees, further called for “an international inspection” of the North African country’s prisons.

In Egypt, relatives of regime critics face state reprisal

Badr prison complex, located about 70 kilometres northeast of the capital Cairo, was opened in December 2021 and officially named “Badr Correctional and Rehabilitation Centre.” It is known for holding leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood, designated an illegal group in 2014, and other dissidents.

The New Arab could not verify the authenticity of the short video segments going viral for a few days.

The Egyptian government has not officially commented on the recent allegations.

In April this year, 38 human rights groups called for an international investigation into the notorious prison in the country following a rise in suicide attempts amid growing incidences of prisoner abuse.

Human rights groups claimed to have recorded instances of torture using electricity, routine denial of medical care, and solitary confinement with no food.

Source: The New Arab

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