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Saudi Arabia Scraps Visa Stamps for Egypt

Saudi Arabia has announced the launch of a new visa issuance process that eliminates the need for visa stickers or stamps on passports and instead uses an e-visa with a QR code.

The new change applies to citizens of Egypt and six other countries.

The new move is part of the digitalisation process for the ministry’s consular services including all work permits, residency and visit visas. 

The visa issuance change is also applicable to the Kingdom’s diplomatic missions in UAE, Jordan, Bangladesh, India, Philippines and Indonesia. 

Those who wish to apply for the e-visa can do so through the official Ministry website. 

On Wednesday, Saudi announced a Transformers theme park in a $13bn entertainment boom.
The PIF-owned entertainment group has signed a second licensed agreement with Hasbro to bring the destination to the Kingdom. 

Spanning more than 10,000sq m, the first Transformers attraction will open at SEVEN’s entertainment destination in the Al Hamra district of Riyadh, with two additional attractions set to open at other SEVEN’s entertainment destinations.

Source: ArabianBusiness

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